Tips For Better Hand Sewing

hand sewing

Hand sewing is not an easy way of sewing as it needs lots of patience to get a good result. An expert can only tell you about some tips which can help you in getting a good hand sewing technique. Tying a perfect knot is the basic thing one should know before you carry on with hand sewing. Doubling the knot at the end of the thread is the major thing that is used worldwide. If you try to loop the thread end and then you can push the thread that is looped off your finger and then make a knot at the end, then you will get a perfect knot.

Use good quality scissors to cut the thread rather than pulling it apart. If needed, apply wax on threads so that it will not get tangled. A smooth thread can help you in getting a perfect stitch. Selecting the right needle is also an important thing that needs to be kept in mind. You can use thimbles to protect yourself from getting an attack from the needle. Last but not the least; a good quality thread is needed to get a smooth and perfect stitch.

If these things can be remembered, then you can get good practice on hand sewing.

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