Techniques To Utilize The Rotary Cutter Effectively

rotary cutter

A rotary cutter looks similar to a pizza cutter and features in several convenient sizes. It is used to cut large or small pieces of fabric. If you are a beginner, it is ideal to choose the 45-millimeter cutter to create medium to small sized projects conveniently. Select rotary cutters with large blades to facilitate easy cutting through various fabric layers. These instruments also feature with different safety latches. There is a lever or button in the rotary cutter to operate it. Make sure to handle it with care because the cutters are razor sharp. It is necessary to close the cutter when not in use.


Always choose a hard, stable, and a flat surface for working. It helps you to achieve accurate cuts. Working at countertop height is beneficial. While cutting, bend your hip than the waist to reduce the stress. Make sure to position your wrist straight to avoid motion injury. You can always buy the ergonomic rotary cutters to protect yourselves from wrist wear and tear. It is imperative that you apply an even and constant pressure while handling a rotary cutter. The blade must be positioned against the ruler’s edge for precise cutting. A non-slippery grip handle will help you protect against injuries.

For an efficient use of the rotary cutter, change the blades as and when required. You can do it all by yourself. First, unscrew the nut, pull out the plastic guard to remove the old blade. Ensure safety while replacing. During the initial stages, you can practice using old clothes. Always square up the edge of the fabric before cutting. Choose an ironed material for accurate folds. Use a ruler to arrive at a horizontal grid line. Hold it firmly and begin cutting with your rotary cutter to ensure accurate cuts that measure 90 degrees. So, handle larger fabric easily by squaring it up and cutting precisely.

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