Piping – The Important Way To Sew


Piping can be made easier if you follow some little tricks which can make the piping job smooth. You need a tape before you start working on piping or you can use a piping foot which can help you in sewing the piping. If you prefer to use a zipper foot, you might have to change your needle position according to it and it might end up in sewing the wrong way sometimes.

Before you start piping, mark the fabric with a marker or a pen the exact length you want the piping to be in. There are different tools available if you want to make piping in round or in straight. You can continue sewing until you reach the piping portion. One inch before the piping portion you need to stop sewing and then start working on piping.

The hardest part of piping is when you plan to attach the piping to clothes like pajamas as it sometimes needs thicker piping around and then thinner piping on the edge. When you are done with the stitching, curl down the piping to get a better view of stitches. To get a better finish you need to sew little by little so that you can get a perfect finish.

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