Altering Your Jeans To Provide A Perfect Fit


Whenever you choose a garment, you look for a comfortable and striking fit. But, most of the stitched fabric do not provide you a 100 percent fitting. However, now you can take a deep breath and get ready to alter your jeans by yourself. In the process, you can also enjoy your creations. It is important to analyze the draft of your garment before making changes. My first suggestion to all of you would be to try wearing your non-stretchable jeans for an entire day before choosing it to alter. Most of the jeans can turn comfortable after a first try.

jeans pant

Any garment has the tendency to loosen up mainly in the back curve after an initial few hours. A few jeans offer the slim fit. If you are looking out for a loose fit, it is enough to size up through the leg and the hip. To shorten the crotch, find the lines that radiate downwards from the front. Then trim through the inseam by ¼ inches on the front thigh. Such small alterations can bring about a significant difference. On the other hand, to lengthen the crotch, alter the diagonal lines by adding a little extra room to the front inseam.

When your pants fit you in an uncomfortable manner, adjust the front crotch slightly to add depth. Even a 1/8-inch alteration would suffice. For those of you with a full tummy, your pants might be a little tight in the crotch. In that case, make sure to add enough width and length over the abdomen which loosens the garment. For making a smooth fit, remove the width from the inseam. You can also cut off a little from the top to shorten the overall length. For accommodating bigger thighs, spread the back crotch to provide more room. To fit in thin legs, remove the width both from the front and the back inseam. Hope these simple tips will help you avail a perfect fit.

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